WebChat Wholesale Distributor Scenario

Any Wholesale Distributor with an online presence  can benefit from using Enabling WebChat.

Communication is a cornerstone for success within your organization. This is especially true if you are a wholesale distributor. Open communication with your retail partners and vendors will bring more value to your business. In a business to business environment, all companies have to rely on each other for success and providing the right tools to help bridge the gaps in communication. Distribution efficiency helps to promote productivity, which is necessary for customer satisfaction.


Our WebChat tool can be an asset to all departments that a wholesale distributor might have, including sales, shipping, and customer service.

On the sales side, partners and vendors can easily get help with their orders. There would be no need for your customers to wait on the phone in order to change the quantity of an item or to add a product to their order. No more wondering if a last minute change can be made over email. Through a simple live chat conversation, a customer can easily add to an order and receive confirmation that their final order has been updated. This increases customer confidence in the accuracy of their order. Customers with one click of a button, can talk with a specific department to inquire about stock, delivery status, price updates, discounts, etc.


WebChat can also enable a customer service rep to speak with multiple customers at the same time. In fact, a customer service rep can handle more conversations through WebChat than on a single phone call. Check out some statistics here. Customers can become angry and irate if they have to wait for long periods of time on the phone, or get transferred from one person to another.  WebChat gives your customer service rep the ability to make sure that each client has been transferred to the correct associate to assist them and deal with any potential problems before they happen.


In addition, you can create a live chat link for each of your vendors or retail partners. Each link can be customized to route to a specific agent or department. You can place this link on an ordering page or give it directly to your customers for easy communication with your customer service reps.


Here is how WebChat works:

A URL link would be placed onto your website or onto the site or a retail or vendor location. When a visitor clicks on that “Chat Now” link, it will open a chat request form that your customer would fill our before initiating the chat conversation. A Customer Service Rep showing as available through their Skype for Business client, would receive an alert on their device when the customer click’s the chat button on the form. This is a normal Skype for Business notification that when accepted, will initiate the two-way instant message conversation between the website visitor and the staff member.

To find our more information about WebChat, click here.

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