WebChat Education Scenario

Any educational facility with an online presence can benefit from using Enabling WebChat.

Are you looking to capitalize on your Skype for Business investment? Whether you are an educational institution or a training center, effective communication is vital for growth and student satisfaction. While you do your best to provide information about your facility on your website, it’s very likely that your administration could still be overwhelmed by phone calls and emails with inquiries, or concerns about the upcoming school year. Most institutions are looking for new ways to give their members the best possible service.  This is where WebChat can help!

By utilizing WebChat, prospective applicants, current students, parents and alumni can easily communicate live with a staff member through a simple chat now link. Students can also inquire about a particular class, while teachers can answer questions and easily help students in real time. Your web visitors won’t have to worry about locating a phone number for a specific department. With WebChat, you can display departments such as Enrollment or Financial Aid in a simple drop down menu to ensure that all incoming chat conversations reach the right person or department. Staff members can manage more inquiries than they could on a single phone conversation. Which in return, will shorten the amount of time that your student has to wait for an answer. Having their questions answered in a timely manner makes a positive impression on your visitors and gives your institution a valuable competitive edge.

WebChat offers customizable chat links that you can place on your website or in prepared documents and applications. Likewise, students can have the option to easily communicate with a particular staff member by utilizing a chat link inside of a staff directory.

Not only does WebChat save time and money, it can increase student satisfaction as well as grow your communication base… See for yourselfAccording to our customers, WebChat is not only a wow-factor, but it allows you to reach beyond your static webpage to make a positive personable impression for your site visitors.


Here is how WebChat works:

A URL link would be placed onto your website, staff directory or prepared documentation. When a visitor clicks on that “Chat Now” link, it will open a chat request form that would need to be filled out before initiating the chat conversation. A staff member, showing as available through their Skype for Business client, would allow for a Skype for Business alert to be sent to that staff member on their device when the customer click’s the chat button on the form. This is a normal Skype for Business notification that when accepted, will initiate the two-way instant message conversation between the website visitor and the staff member.

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