WebChat Restaurant Scenario

Any restaurant with an online presence can benefit from using Enabling WebChat.

Gone are the days of using the yellow pages in order to find a restaurant that may not even be open. Nowadays, the process is a little more simplified as more people are utilizing the internet. People can gather information about a restaurant through websites and applications on their mobile devices. There are many ways that people can search for a restaurant online… Here are some statistics. Even though searching for a restaurant has become an easier process, in most cases booking reservations has essentially stayed the same. In order to book a reservation, a person will need to search for the right restaurant, find the phone number and then pick up the phone to call. For some busier restaurants, customers could experience longer than usual wait times in order to speak with someone. Technology has changed and Webchat is making the experience even easier.

Can your reservation process use some revamping? According to a survey by Industville, 55% of people believe that technology plays a pivotal role in the restaurant experience. Let’s look at how WebChat can improve your reservation process. You can easily improve your customers experience by offering a WebChat option right inside the browser window of your website or by placing an easy to click chat link right inside the profile of your favorite marketing app such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato, or OpenTable. Since customers are viewing your restaurant through an app or the web, you should be able to have the option to communicate with them live through the web. By utilizing WebChat, customers will be able to easily send a message to an agent in order to book reservations or even to inquire about specific menu items such as a “wine selection”. This reduces your customers wait time and eliminates the need for them to call the restaurant directly. With WebChat, you will be able to engage customers more quickly and answer questions more effectively. Staff members can handle more requests at one time then they could on a single phone call. Not only does WebChat save time and money, it can increase your customer satisfaction as well as grow your business communication… See for yourself. Allow customers to easily book reservations through live interactive WebChat!

Here is how WebChat works:

A URL link would be placed onto your website or into a social media post. When a visitor clicks on that “Chat Now” link, it will open a chat request form that your customer would fill our before initiating the chat conversation. A staff member at your restaurant showing as available through their Skype for Business client would allow for a Skype for Business alert to be sent to that staff member on their device when the customer click’s the chat button on the form. This is a normal Skype for Business notification that when accepted, will initiate the two-way instant message conversation between the website visitor and the staff member.

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