WebChat Hotel Scenario

Any Hotel with an online presence can benefit from using Enabling WebChat.

Your hotel is a place of warmth and welcome. You wouldn’t want your guests to come in to an empty lobby with no one available to help. It is important for your guests to be greeted and assisted as soon as possible. However, this isn’t just true in the hotel lobby. It also holds true for the online customer experience as well.  Many customers will have their first experience with your company via the web, so it’s important for their online experience to be a good one. This is where WebChat comes in.

WebChat allows potential guests to easily ask questions to which they may not find an answer elsewhere. Though a live chat conversation on your website, your guest can inquire about a reservation, make special room accommodations, and much more.

A majority of people will purchase their hotel stays through a comparison website such as Priceline, Kayak, Hotels.com, and many others. They use these comparison websites not only to book their accommodation for the lowest price, but also to compare your hotel with your competitor’s. In some comparison websites you have the option to manage your own profile pages or satellite websites that would contain your hotel information. On these profile pages you can add WebChat as an easy-to-click chat link that will help you engage directly with your website visitors. WebChat provides the necessary information to win customers over. WebChat will also open the door in communication between you and your online customers.

Staff members will be able to manage multiple guests at the same time. In fact, a customer service representative can handle more conversations through WebChat than on a single phone call. Utilizing Webchat will help to increase customer satisfaction, save time and money, and grow your business communication. Check out some statistics here. Your guests will enjoy the convenience of WebChat and so will your staff members.

Here is how WebChat works:

WebChat uses your existing Skype for Business chat client. No third party chat client is required. A URL link would be placed onto your website or profile pages. When a visitor clicks on that “Chat Now” link, it will open a chat request form that your customer would fill out before initiating the chat conversation. A staff member showing as available through their Skype for Business client, would receive an alert on their device when the customer click’s the chat button on the form. This is a normal Skype for Business notification that when accepted, will initiate the two-way instant message conversation between the website visitor and the staff member.
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