WebChat Furniture Store Scenario

Can Enabling WebChat help your business the way it helped Axiom Furniture Store?

Axiom is advertising a special sales event on their website and through social media. Before WebChat, Axiom would display their available furniture collections online for customers to be able to view only, in essence closing their online door. If a customer is interested in a piece of furniture, they would need to call a sales representative or travel to the store’s location. Axiom’s store is their window in the community, but now they need to update their website to be able to open their doors to allow for more online foot traffic and expand their market share.

Axiom is now utilizing Webchat which allows their customers to immediately communicate with a sales representative through a live chat feature embedded via a URL link onto their website. A staff member at Axiom can easily utilize their existing Skype for Business chat client to answer these online live chat requests. Customers with the click of a button can now communicate with a live person to confirm if a unique piece of furniture is still in stock, place the piece on hold for a later pickup, and even order and ship it all via the chat. In addition, a unique URL can be set up that allows for Sales, Support and Customer Service all to have their own group chat links. This will allow for the proper representative to handle each chat request in the most effective way possible. Thus increasing Customer Satisfaction.

WebChat is a very simple tool that closes the gap in communication and opens that door for online foot traffic. As a retail store you may or may not have a separate customer service department however, by utilizing WebChat staff members can chat with customers from the store location while also attending to on-site job activities. By allowing for the potential for staff members to handle multiple chats at one time they can then help more customers through WebChat than they would through a single phone conversation. Click here for WebChat statistics

Here is how WebChat works:

A URL link would be placed onto your website or into a social media post. When a visitor clicks on that “Chat Now” link, it will open a chat request form that your customer would fill our before initiating the chat conversation. A staff member at Axiom showing as available through their Skype for Business client would allow for a Skype for Business alert to be sent to that staff member on their device when the customer click’s the chat button on the form. This is a normal Skype for Business notification that when accepted, will initiate the two-way instant message conversation between the website visitor and the staff member.

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