Embedding WebChat in your email signature

Embed WebChat inside your email or a campaign.

WebChat is an incredible tool to help close the gap in communication. Live chat has proven to not only save time and money, but it has a huge impact on customer satisfaction (take a look at some of the statistics here ). According to DMR states gadgets , 205 billion emails get sent a day on average.  The majority of emails being sent are a call to action.  Whether you are sending out an email campaign or are sending out a personal message, your emails call for a response. Embedding WebChat into your signature will enable your customers with a click of a html link to open a chat window and collaborate with you via Instant Messaging through your Skype for Business Client. Offering your customers an easy way to communicate will not only grant you the responses that you are looking for, it will also help close that gap in communication and provide great customer satisfaction.

To embed WebChat inside of your email signature do the following:

Set up your  WebChat page

  • The first thing you need to do is create a WebChat page that is specific to you. When you log into the WebChat dashboard , click on the “page” tab at the top of the dashboard.
  • Then click on the “New Page” icon Add Page Buttonin the settings. Give your page a name and click “Create Page” (Page Name cannot contain any spaces). See example
Creating a page name for email signature
  • Next, go to the “Page” tab at the top of the dashboard and create a new group. Name the group after your name ex: Jordan Mills. Put in your email address and a welcome message. This welcome message is the message that displays when your chat conversation connects. For example: This is Jordan Mills, How may I help you?. This will be the first message that will be displayed in the chat conversation.
  • Next, go to the “Users” tab. Find your user from the list and double click to edit. If your sip address / User doesn’t show up you will need to create a user if you have admin rights. From the ‘Users’ edit screen, you will assign the group that you just created to your user. For instance, if you created a group called, Jordan Mills then you will assign that group to your user.
  • Now go back to the “Page” tab on the top of the dashboard. We need to assign the group to the page. Select a page to edit. From the drop down menu, choose your recently created page. This will be your PageName referenced in the below URL.
  • Change your group mode from “Multiple Groups” to Single Group” and choose your name for the assigned group. When you are finished, save your work. See example below:
Page Settings for email signature
  • You have now set up your page to be embedded into your email signature. Your URL to access this page will be as follows: (http://enablingchat.com/yourdomain/pagename). You will need to replace “YourDomain” and “PageName”.
Set up your signature:
Now that we have your page set up, we need to set up your signature. You can either create a new signature or edit an existing one.
  • To create or edit a signature go to your signature settings. If you are using outlook, go to “file” tab and choose “Options”
  • Then choose “Mail” and “Signature” See image:
Updating Email signature in outlook

  • From here you can either create a new signature or edit your existing one.
  • Simply create a “Chat with me” Hyperlink inside your signature an amend the hyperlink WebChat url (http://enablingchat.com/yourdomain/pagename) to the text. You will need to replace “YourDomain” and “PageName”.
  • Now you are ready to use your WebChat embedded signature. View my signature below:
WebChat Signature

If you have come across this article and haven’t yet signed up for WebChat. You can sign up for our 30 day trial here.
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