WebChat Education Scenario

Any educational facility with an online presence can benefit from using Enabling WebChat.Are you looking to capitalize on your Skype for Business investment? Whether you are an educational institution or a training center, effective communication is vital for growth and student satisfaction. While you do your best to provide information about your facility on your website, it’s [...]

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WebChat Hotel Scenario

Any Hotel with an online presence can benefit from using Enabling WebChat.Your hotel is a place of warmth and welcome. You wouldn't want your guests to come in to an empty lobby with no one available to help. It is important for your guests to be greeted and assisted as soon as possible. However, this isn't just true in [...]

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WebChat Wholesale Distributor Scenario

Any Wholesale Distributor with an online presence  can benefit from using Enabling WebChat.Communication is a cornerstone for success within your organization. This is especially true if you are a wholesale distributor. Open communication with your retail partners and vendors will bring more value to your business. In a business to business environment, all companies have to [...]

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WebChat Restaurant Scenario

Any restaurant with an online presence can benefit from using Enabling WebChat.Gone are the days of using the yellow pages in order to find a restaurant that may not even be open. Nowadays, the process is a little more simplified as more people are utilizing the internet. People can gather information about a restaurant through websites [...]

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WebChat Furniture Store Scenario

Can Enabling WebChat help your business the way it helped Axiom Furniture Store?Axiom is advertising a special sales event on their website and through social media. Before WebChat, Axiom would display their available furniture collections online for customers to be able to view only, in essence closing their online door. If a customer is interested in [...]

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