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Enabling WebChat GDPR statement (as of 3/20/18)

Enabling Web Chat GDPR statement (as of 3/20)The following elements of EU resident data may be present in the system:Display name entered by webchat visitor, and any other data entered into the chat request form via your custom questions.Chat Log: timestamp of when chat request was received and which agent group the request was for. Personally [...]

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Staff Directory With Embedded Live Chat

Staff Directory With Embedded Live ChatIn this blog post, I will show you how to create a 'Staff Directory  - Live Chat Link' to use for every staff member in your organization. Whether you are an educational institution, or have an organization with multiple employees, you will most likely have a staff directory containing an alphabetical index of the names, [...]

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Multiple WebChat Pages

Multiple WebChat PagesA customized Skype for Business chat window placed on different sections of your website:One of the many features of WebChat is called Multiple WebChat pages. This feature allows you to create different versions of the WebChat client and have them placed on the different sections of your website. You can create a WebChat page and embed [...]

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