Sign up Process

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*** Note: When you sign up for a WebChat for the first time you will be considered the Admin for all Users, Groups, and Pages, and Customizations representing your company account.

  1. Go to

  2. Click the “Start 30 Day Trial” Button. (If you have already signed up for the trial, go the ‘Login In/Out’ section to continue.

  3. Enter Company Name, First Name, and Last Name.

  4. Enter an email for the new Admin account (in the “Email” field)

  5. Enter Skype Address (in the “Skype Address” field) if different from your email address. If your email address is the same, check the “Same as email address” checkbox

  6. Create a Password (in the “Password” field)

  7. Rewrite your newly created password (in the “Confirm Password” field)

  8. Click the “Next” button when all fields are filled in.

  9. On the Billing Tab, choose the number of user licenses that you intend to use.

  10. Next, click the Submit button to begin your trail.


After clicking the Register button, you will receive an on-screen notification to “Check your email to confirm your account.
*** Note: You must confirm your email before you can log in

  1. Click on the Hyperlink in the text to Login

  2. Check your email for a WebChat confirmation email.  

  3. Click the link inside of your email to confirm your account and to be redirected to the Enabling Webchat Confirmation Screen

*** Note: It may take a couple mins to retrieve this email. If you haven’t received this email after a couple minutes, then check your spam folder. If you still haven’t received an email after a few mins, please reach out to us. We have noticed that some emails systems block our sent emails.
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