Landing Page Theme Tab

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The Page Editor has three different tabs that you can edit. Settings, Questions and Theme.

The ‘Theme’ tab will allow you to customize the appearance of the Landin Page’s UI such as color, font, size, etc.

Enabling WebChat allows you to create multiple themes as needed. Each WebChat landing page has a theme assigned to it. If you want to share a theme across multiple landing pages, simply assign a single theme to those pages and any changes to that theme will be reflected to all the pages using that theme. Or, if you prefer to use a different theme for each individual landing page, simple create a new theme for each page and you can individually control the look and feel of each page as needed.

Select Page to Edit: Choose from the drop-down menu what page that you would like your theme to apply to.
Current Theme: Choose from the drop-down menu a theme for your User Interface. If you have created a new theme it will display in this drop-down list.
  • Default – This will be the theme that you customize for your corporate layout.
  • Preloaded Themes – Not available at this time.