Group Routing Options

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Group Routing Options will add flexibility and efficiency to incoming IM requests. Clients will now be able to add routing methods to each group that is created. These routing methods are listed below.
  • Parallel – When the customer sends the chat request, the invites are sent to all agents who have their Skype Presence set to Available in that group. For those agents who have their Skype bstatus set to busy, away or offline, you’ll notice that no chat requests were sent.

  • Round Robin – The first time that the IM request is sent from the customer it will go to the first available agent in that agents Group List. Once that agent has accepted the invite, then the second requests that comes in will go to the next available agent in that list, and so on. If an agent has their status set to Busy, Away or Offline, then the routing engine will skip that agent and automatically go to the next available agent down the list. Once the list of agents has been exhausts, then the process will repeat from the top of the Agent Group List.

Longest Idle – Will Route the instant message request to the agent whose Skype presence has been set “Available” for the longest. On the Diagram below, Agent 1 has been available for 10 min, and Agent 2 has been available for 5 min. This routing method will send the chat request to Agent 1 since their status has been available for the longest.