Create, Select, and Delete Landing Pages

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By default, we have created a ‘Demo’ page and have assigned the Admin User and Group to this page. You can access this page by going to: https/

Create Landing Page:

To create a new landing page, click on the  button. A popup window will appear. Give your new page a name by typing in the text box. Now select the ‘Create Page’ button. Click the ‘Cancel’ button to disregard and go back to the Page Editor.

Selecting a Landing Page: To Select a Page to edit, choose the page from the drop-down menu towards the top of the browser window. Highlight and click on your preferred page edit.

Delete a Landing Page:
Select the page to edit from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the browser window. Once you have selected the page to edit and it appears in the display box, you can now delete that page by clicking on the  button. Next, you will be prompted to verify your deletion, choose yes to delete.
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